Spiderman Homecoming Review


May Contain Spoilers

If it hasn’t been made clear before I really enjoy comic book movies. DC or Marvel, it doesn’t really matter if a movie is coming out I’m probably going to watch it on the opening weekend. So of course I made my way down to my local theatre last Friday night to watch the latest instalment in the Marvel Universe.

Spiderman is probably one of the first comic book movies I ever saw so I always have a bit of soft spot for the friendly neighbourhood spider. I really enjoyed the little touches they add to reimagine aspects of the cartoon and comics. The storyline fit into todays issues and made a realistic villain. The worst part of any comic book movie is when the villains justifications are weak and the movie is based on these half formed ideal. Which I guess could be a metaphor for the real world.

The only thing I didn’t really like was how little they used Zendaya as MJ. It felt like she had 5 lines and wasn’t really involved in the main story. Tom Holland made a good Spiderman, he was earnest and really highlighted the parts of Spiderman that you wanted to see.


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