Baby Driver Movie Review

May Contain Spoilers

A few weeks ago, I wrote a review about the trailer for Baby Driver. Recently I went out and watched the movie and figured it would make sense for me to give an update or a fully formed opinion now that I have seen the movie.

Overall I did enjoy it but I’m not sure it deserved the 97 rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Maybe closer to a 75-80. The soundtrack as expected was fun, upbeat and really added to the movie. I really enjoyed that they used more obscure as well as older songs and bands rather than top 40 or music more people would be familiar with. That is also something I enjoyed about both Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

The actions scenes were well coordinated and fun to watch. The chase scenes were a step above the Fast and Furious movies without being over the top. The storyline is where most of my issues with the movie comes from. Jamie Foxx’s character felt weirdly out of place, I feel like someone else could have played the role more convincingly. I really like Jamie Foxx but this character felt like MotherFucker Jones from Horrible Bosses on crack. A little too much and trying to act to tough without the humor that made it work. I also wasn’t expecting the amount of romance that was in the movie. From the trailer, I got more of an action vibe with a hint of romance rather than a romance with a hint of action.

John Hamm and Eiza Gonzalez were unexpected highlights of the movie. I really liked Eiza Gonzalez’s character’s storyline and how she portrayed Darling. I’ll be interested in watching her next role. Ansel Engort and Lily James did a good job as starry eyed lovers but Lily James’s character did have much else to her besides being Ansel’s love interest. Which is what I think made Darling more interesting.

If you enjoy a good summer blockbuster then give this movie a watch, but don’t fall too far into the hype. This movie is fun, fast and original but I wouldn’t call it the best movie of the summer.


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