Atomic Blonde Trailer


I did one of these trailer reviews a while ago and I enjoyed it so I thought I would do another. This isn’t a full review but some thoughts I have on the trailer.

Last night while I was watching Alien Convent I saw a trailer for a movie starring Charlize Theron called Atomic Blonde.  (I am not writing a review for Alien because I want to watch the whole series first and do a ranking of those movies.)

At first I wasn’t sure if Atomic Blonde was a movie I wanted to see. But after watching the trailer again I can say that I am tentatively excited for this movie. It looks like solid spy movie with a strong female lead. I don’t feel like there are a lot of spy movies with female lead that isn’t a comedy. If there please let me know I would love to watch them.

I know Spy with Melissa McCarty came out recently and did well at the box office. But I don’t think I have ever seen a strong female spy movie. A movie where the women is the main character and doing all the kickass James Bond stuff usually reserved for men.

This movie could go either way but I am excited for more women in roles like these.


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