Dark Places Review


This post main contain Spoilers

This movie was recommended to me by a friend. While we don’t have the exact same taste, we do enjoy a lot of the same movie and shows. And I do usually enjoy some of his recommendations so I thought I would give this movie a try. I had scrolled past it a few times on Netflix but never made much effort to look more into. I really wished I had made the effort earlier.

The main action of the movie takes place in flashbacks while the present is reserved for the aftermath of that action. The movie follows Charlize Theron’s character Libby. As a child, Libby survived the killing of her family which was blamed on her older brother. She has worked hard to block out the trauma of the event from her life. It hasn’t worked very well for her and she is trapped in a half-life. After she runs out of movie she run into Lyle played by Nicolas Holt. Who offers her movie to dive into her families past and really figure out if her brother was the one who killed her family. The movie is an dark journey into Libby’s past and how actions no matter how small make waves across years.

This movie while not a new favourite was an enjoyable watch. And I would mark it as a win. It makes you become invested enough that you want to know what happened in the past. And you don’t forget the movie as soon as you have watched. It is something that you do spend time thinking about and it probably best you have a friend to watch it with so you can discuss what happened. Since there is a lot that happens in this movie. I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of a good thriller.


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