King Arthur Review

When I heard, there was a movie coming out about King Arthur, I was reasonably excited. I have always enjoyed the story/legend of King Arthur and when I heard Guy Ritchie was directing the excitement grew. I love Guy Ritchie movies. I like the way he tells a story visually. His movies are usually marked with fun and fast action scenes, fun punchy shots and a lot of wit. However, I hadn’t heard a lot about the movie so my excitement waned and I almost forgot it was coming out. I did end up seeing it this past weekend and I enjoyed it. It didn’t hurt that the movie starred Charlie Hunnam.

Through after seeing it I have heard some less the pleasant reviews about it. I am glad that I saw the movie before I read the reviews. It allowed me to go in with no real expectation and to just enjoy the ride. And it was a good ride. The banter between the characters felt fun and natural which really lead to some of the charm of the movie. The acting itself didn’t feel choppy or out of place. Visually the movie was crisp and clear, everything flowed together without any lags where you wished the movie would end faster. In fact you spent the movie waiting to find out what happens next, to see how things will play out even if you already know the basics of the story. If you are a fan of Guy Ritchie, have an interest in fantasy films or just enjoy Charlie Hunnam you should give this movie chance.


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