Girl Boss Review

Girlboss is the fictionalized story of Sophia Amoruso the founder of Nasty Gal Vintage. The show loosely flows the events that lead to the rise and fall of her company. It’s supposed to be an empowering take on women being in charge. I can see what they are aiming for. I have never read the book of heard of Nasty Gal before the show so I don’t know how closely the show follows the book. So, based solely on the show.

And I did not like the show. I watched the whole first season to give it a fair chance. The acting isn’t bad but the storyline feels weak. It comes off less as an empowering show for women/girls making their own way on the world and more the adventures of a whiney girl who refuses to accept help but still demands everything from everyone. The main character Sophia Marlow played by Brit Robinson who I usually like as an actress just seems demanding and self centered. The supporting character while having their moments are generally forgettable.

I don’t like I am the intended audience for this show because I felt more annoyed than anything else while watching. It came off as entitled and annoying. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you were already interested in the Nasty Gal story and enjoyed the book.


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