TV Shows I have been Loving

Lately I have been marathoning a lot of tv shows on Netflix rather the watching movies. So I thought I would make a small list of the shows that I have been lovely lately.

Brooklyn 99

This show has been a favourite of mine since it aired. It made me love Andy Samberg and the cast they have put together. Characters are more then just stereotypes, each one has many different sides and the cast is so diverse.


This show is so funny but deeply sad. The premise itself seems more like a drama or a tragedy, an alcoholic barely there father leaves his children in the charge of his oldest daughter. Shameless can takes you through some highs and real lows but you keep coming back for more.

Wynona Earp

This show is a supernatural drama based on Wyatt Earp offspring. There is a curse placed on his family where they have to kill the demons that haunt their family when they turn 27. Right now its Wynona’s turn to try and protect her family. Some dialogue points feel out of place but overall its a fun and easy show to watch with a interesting plot.




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