Top 5


Have you ever watched a movie and the promptly forgot about it? And the when you do remember it you get kind of annoyed that you spent your money and time on it? This is my top 5 list of movies that I have watched, forgotten and regretted.

  1. Table 19 (2017)

While writing this list I forgot that I wanted to add this movie to it. This movie almost put me to sleep. There were too many storylines going on but at the same time nothing really happened.  It had good actors but the whole experience was lackluster and not noteworthy.

  1. A Cure for Wellness (2017)

This movie was at least an hour too long and could have ended at least 3 times. Each time it got more and more frustrating. There were so many times where the main character could of escaped but kept going back for more. And then the ending plot twist was so far out of left field you were left wondering what the whole movie was about. This was one you didn’t forget right away but when you remember you get annoyed all over again.

  1. Swiss Army Man (2016) 

This movie was confusing and weird. I think I understood what they were going for but it turned out so strange that it was almost painful to watch. And I regret watching it to the end I could have spent that time better.

  1. Live by Night (2016)

I’m not really a fan of Ben Affleck and this movie didn’t change this. It was weirdly self-serving and long. This is the second movie I walked out on. I don’t like to leave until the end but I couldn’t do it. The plot was about a criminal with morals who wants to get revenge on his old boss for killing his girlfriend and then they just kept throwing things. Drugs, gambling, prohibition, racism and the KKK. Just pick one storyline and go with it.

  1. Fantastic 4 (2015) 

This movie has the honor of being the first movie I ever walked out on. To be fair I left in the last 5 minutes. This is the standard to which I rate all bad movies too. From start to end it was just a disappointment and what made it worse is that all the actors are good. They deserved much more than this.


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