More Life



So it’s been almost a week since Drake dropped his new playlist (not an album) and of course as a Canadian particularly one from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) I had to give it a listen. 

I haven’t always been a Drake plan. The first album I really liked from him ironically was Nothing was the Same. It’s ironic because after that nothing was the same for me. I got it I understood why people were so crazy about Drake. Ever since then I have been a Drake fan.

So I’m not ashamed to say that when I was amped for this playlist and I got it soon as it dropped and listened to it as quickly. This is one of the kind of albums you must listen all the way through with no skipping or shuffling. Everything flows together so nicely so you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t listen to it from start to finish at least once.

The only part I didn’t like about the album is something I done like when anyone does. I hate when the music stops so the artist can talk I would rather just hear the song. But good of the songs outweigh that annoyance. Almost every song is fire. The only song I wasn’t really feeling was Portland ft Quavo and Travis Scott. Which was disappointing because I generally enjoy both Quavo and Travis Scott. However, I really enjoyed Passionfruit, Blem, Gyalchester, Teenage Fever, No long talk and the list could go on. 

Honestly even if you aren’t a Drake fan you should really give this album a listen. I hate to be corny and say this but More Life gave me more life. (Yes, I know and I hate myself for it but you know More Life will be your Instagram caption’s for the next few months anyway.)



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