The Great Outdoors 


Generally speaking, I am not an outdoorsy person. There a song by Frank Turner that goes I lied about being the outdoors type. And that really fits with my life. I enjoy the idea of nature much more then I like being in nature. I like the whole concept of being somewhere where you feel small, where you can take in that things that stress you out aren’t that important but I would much rather go to a sold-out arena to get that feeling. However, I don’t like the bugs, the cold and a lot of other parts of it. And the good doesn’t outweighed the bad for me. That being said I went camping a few years ago for a friend’s birthday. We were at Guelph Lake. Which was beautiful minus the bugs. I didn’t reply bug spray the last hour and was completely eaten alive. On the way, back to the camp site I took this picture. It wasn’t the one with nature moment I would have liked but it was something close to that. Everything felt extremely right and I would love to go back to that. Where for a moment everything makes sense and you aren’t worried and stressed about life.


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