Beauty and the Beast live action Review



So, this review has taken much more time then I would of liked to write. I saw this movie on the opening Friday. My friends and I had our tickets for weeks and I can safely say I was very excited for it. I am very much a fan of Disney and most their movies. The Beauty and the Beast cartoon is one of my top 5 Disney cartoons. (Check out my top 5 Disney movies post if you want to find out the other 4.) So, I thought there would be no reason for me not to enjoy this one.

However, I really didn’t enjoy this version of Beauty and the Beast. To be fair 5 of us saw the movie and 3/5 enjoyed it. So that’s a 60% approval rating. Maybe I was expecting too much but I found the movie a little odd and wooden. None of the relationship felt real except for Lumiere and Cogswoth, and Gatson and LaFou. Those pairings brought about some genuine comic relief. They were by far the highlights of the movie.

It was well shot and they CGI they use was fantastic. The Beast look very realistic. But I feel like that’s more of a testament how far technology has come rather than the movie its self. I really like Emma Watson but I feel like maybe she wasn’t the right person for the role. It was like she was trying to hard to act so innocent and sweet that it felt fake and unrealistic. And in a movie about talking candle sticks and beasts I don’t feel like the main actors should feel fake. 

I was waiting for this movie to be over rather than being sucked into the storyline. And it really disappointed me. I really wanted to like it. Overall I would give it a 2/10.


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