Baby Driver the trailer


Link to the trailer below

Half the fun of going to see a movie in theatres is the hype built by the trailer. So, I decided to review a recent trailer for the movie Baby Driver. Right off the bat I got to say I don’t enjoy the title of the movie. It feels kind of weird, like they could have come up with something better, a little more descriptive and less blunt. If I had to go off the name along I probably wouldn’t want to go see the movie. But they always say never judge a book by it cover so I guess the same applies to movies and their titles. 

Moving on from the title the trailer looks good. Baby Driver is a getaway/heist movie. So, the basic plot is that some young guy is the getaway driver for a crime organization. He is the best in the business but he meets a girl who changes his view on life and makes him want to leave his life of crime behind. Of course, his crime boss won’t allow him to leave without him pulling off one last heist. And our protagonist must figure out how to make a clean escape and runaway with his girl. 

For this movie like any movie it’s how they move away for the clichés that attracts people to the film. For Baby Driver, their selling feature is their cast, Kevin Spacey as the crime boss, Jamie Foxx and John Hamm as some of the career criminals and Ansel Elgort as the title character Baby.  His backstory is fairly tragic his parents died in a car crash while he was in a back seat as child. Now he consistently listens to his iPod to help drown out the drum of accident so that his can focus. His love interest is played by Lily James of Cinderella fame. 

As much as aspect of this movie seem a bit cliché the trailer promise a fun ride and I really hope it lives up to it. I’m about an 8/10 on the excitement scale. I want to check out this movie out when it comes to theatres in August and write a proper review on it. 



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