Butter Review


May Contain Spoilers

It’s not the thing you spread on toast. It also the name a fun comedy little comedy from 2011 staring Yara Shahidi, Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Garner to name a few. I saw this movie for the first time a few years and since then it has remained one of my all-time favorite movies. Recently I saw that it had been added to Netflix so I thought it would make for a prefect Saturday night movie. Something light hearted and fun while still touching on some serious issues like race and infidelity.  

The movie follows a few different lives and how a butter craving competition affects them all. Shahidi plays Destiny a little black girl who has been in foster care her whole life. She doesn’t know her last time because the state of Iowa doesn’t know. She is smart, creative and sweet. The movie begins with Destiny being placed with a new foster family the Emmet’s (Alicia Sliverstone and Rob Corddry.) The Emmet’s can’t have kids so they decide to foster children. She has a talent for art but doesn’t feel like she is good at anything. Through butter craving she finds a way to express herself crave out a place for herself in a predominantly white area. 

Destiny is not the only one using butter craving to find a place for herself. Jennifer Garner’s character Laura Pickler has stood beside her husband Bob (Ty Burrell) for the last 15 years as he has been a repeated state champion at butter craving. This dedication has come at the cost of herself worth and marriage. She feels that she is nothing if she is not the state champ’s wife. This affects her personal relationships and makes her an unbearable force for many in her life. When Bob is asked to step out of the completion Laura decides it’s her duty to ensure the family legacy continues and she will stop at nothing to do this. Even if it means seducing her high school boyfriend (Hugh Jackman) into sabotaging Destiny’s work.

Laura is not the only person to cheat in her marriage. Bob has a short-lived affair with a stripper named Brooke (Olivia Wilde.) After sleeping together Olivia demands 600 dollars which he is unable to pay because Laura controls the financial in their house. To get under Laura’s skin and get her money Brooke enter in the butter competition as well. When she can’t make it past the first round she begins a relationship with Kaitlin (Ashley Greene) Bob’s daughter who is Laura’s stepdaughter. Eventually Kaitlin gives Brooke the money (600 for her father and another 600 for the time they slept together.) Instead of using the money on herself Brooke uses the money to help Destiny win against Laura. 

Honestly this movie is a lot of fun and really touches your heart. I know when you hear a movie is about butter you get a little skeptical but it is definitely worth the watch and I would recommend it to anyone.


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