Fun with Zombies

Like most people I enjoy a good marathon when it comes to tv shows. Currently I have been marathoning the first two seasons of the show iZombie before the third season airs. The creator is Rob Thomas who also made one of my favourite shows Veronica Mars. Both shows have a lot in common, a female crime fighting protagonist with a fun twist. In Veronica’s case she was a teen PI and in Liv’s case she’s a zombie.

The basis is of the show is that protagonist Olivia Moore who ironically commonly goes by Liv Moore, has died. However death is not the end for her because some tainted drugs have turned her into a zombie who needs to eat brains to keep herself functioning. So how does a medical student get access to a nearly consistent supply of brains? They work in a morgue of course. And from this most of the comedy and drama in the show arises. Every time Liv eats a brain she takes on the characteristics of there person as well as visions of their life. To cope with having these vision she teams up with homicide detective Clive Babineaux to solve their murders. To start with only her boss at the morgue Ravi knows of her condition. Of course this doesn’t last long.

The show is a fun and easy watch. It isn’t nearly as dark as most shows that feature zombies or other supernatural creatures. Even its darkest moments the show still has a light freshness about it. It really reminded me of Pushing Daisies which is another favourite of mine that I will write about another day. I enjoy the way that iZombie combines bright and fun stories with a dark twist. Theres is only so much doom and gloom a person can take at one time and if you are in the market for something different I would definitely recommended giving this show a watch. The first 2 seasons are on Netflix so its great for a good marathon session and the prefect opportunity to catch up before the newest season airs on tv.


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