Logan Review

May Contain Spoilers

Recently, as in tonight I had the pleasure of watching the newest instalment in the X Men franchise; Logan. Logan marks the last appearance of Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine and of Patrick Stewart as Professor X.  Anyone who has seen an X Men movie has a certain expectation when walking in. Bright colours, amazing fight scenes, larger then life storyline, a heart felt and emotional ending that while not always happy implies hope. You get all these thing with Logan but in a more toned down realistic fashion. This movie above all else is heartfelt drama. It tells the story of an aging and tired Logan as opposed to the kick ass Wolverine we have seen before. Not to say that Logan doesn’t still kick ass, he’s just older and slower now.

The addition of Dafne Keen as Laura as Wolverine’s daughter brings hope for a new generation of X men. Her character while not very talkative had the ability to draw attention to every scene she was in. You can really see her develop from sullen angry child to a hero in her own right. Professor to Logan had their own journey coming to terms with what death meant for them. For Professor X it less to do with his body failing him as it was him losing his mind, he could no longer control what once made him great. And for Logan it was the opposite his body that had taken so much pain and kept going was slowly starting to fail him. Both men made up opposite sides of the same coin.

This movie was more a drama about growing old and passing your legacy onwards then it was a typical X Men movie. Not that theres anything wrong with a typical X men movie. I have been a fan for years and have seen almost every movie in theatres. Maybe thats why this one feels so different. The story over all is sadder and darker then the pervious movies. You leave the theatre feeling more subdued thinking about what will happen next then excitedly talking about the big fight scenes and car chases you have just witnessed. At the end you just have to sit for a moment and consider things like mortality.

Overall as an X men movie I would give this a 7/10 but 9/10 without any connections to the previous movies. The tone is different but I really enjoyed it.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dan O. says:

    I sure am going to miss Jackman. Nice review.


    1. dsve says:

      Thanks. Yeah I’m going to miss him as well, X men won’t be the same without him


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