Get Out Review

I have always had a interest in movies, tv shows and books. Any kind of escapist material always called to me. So when I started this project I knew for sure that there would be a section dedicated to my thoughts and opinions on movies, books and shows. So I thought I would start with a movie that has been getting a lot of buzz lately. When I first saw the trailer for Get Out I can easily say I was excited for it. It was a twist on the trope of poor white girl endangered by the scary black man. And with the things happening in the world and what is being portrayed in the media this change could not of happened at a better time. Jordan Peele definitely knew what he was doing when he created this story.

Get Out while not a scary movie is a fantastic thriller with a few bright moments of comedic relief. It is not a prefect movie but it an enjoyable ride. The movie was well shot, quick camera movements and long haunting shots added to the storyline. The script was written however there were a few odd word choices near the beginning that did take me out of the movie. But that wasn’t enough to ruin the movie by any means. For most part I enjoyed the acting, I wasn’t a big fan of Rose played by Allison Williams. Her plot twist wasn’t very believable for me. I wasn’t surprised when she turned out to be in on the plan. I felt like I would of enjoyed her role more if I believed she was entirely on Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) side. Her betrayal didn’t have that gut wrenching feeling I’m sure the writer and director intended. The rest of the movie was well acted and definitely worth the watch. And the conversation that comes after it.





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