A Starting Point

Hello world. Beginnings are always hard but as they say theres no better place to start then at the beginning. So to start with this blog is a place where I plan on posting everything and anything that suits my interest. From movie reviews to travel photography to my life thought on life and anything in between. Its kind of an all encompassing stop for my interests. I’m trying t explore my more creative side by putting all the things that interest me in one place.

For the most part my goal is to create something that I will stick with as well as something that I am proud of. Its very easy to walk away from something when there are no consequences. To make one post and check it for a week to see if anyone has read it or cared what you have to say. And if no one reads it say you can at least say you tried and turn your back on it. I have definitely been guilty of that instant results or losing interest mentality. But I really do wanna change. I want this to be a project that I can be proud of. Something I have made entirely on my own regardless of if anyone else likes it. I want to like what I do and what I create. This is kind a of personal challenge to myself to follow through with what I want. So this the first post of hopefully very many.

*the photo is of the London Bridge I took this past May


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